A Lovely Surprise (Short Story)

by Enid Blyton


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This is a story about a boy named Peter. he has a a lovely railway. But he did not have a signal. so he decided to buy a new signal from the toy-shop. But as soon as he was about leave the house, his mother asked him to call betty as she was fallen and got hurt.He said that he will do so.As soon as he entered the toy-shop, he saw a little Doll. He thought that Betty might like it. So, he bought the doll and gave it to Betty when he went to see her. In return, Betty gave him a railway signal which Peter wished to have it.


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Parents Read Out to Children: 3-4
Children Read Themselves: 4-7
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Genre, Toddler

About The Author

Enid Blyton (1897-1968) is the world’s best-selling children’s author and has sold 600 million books internationally. Her unique sense of fantasy and adventure, combined with unforgettable characters, has seen generation after generation have fall for her timeless appeal, and she was voted the nation’s most loved writer at the 2008 Costa Book Awards.

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