Adventure On Wheels

by Prashant

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Two thieves, three orphan kids, an accidental kidnapping, and a failed attempted robbery! ItÂ’s an adventure on wheels, which has you rolling on the floor with laughter!


Reading Guide:
Children Read Themselves: 8-14

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Genre, Children

About The Author

Prashant is not writing childrens fiction, he enjoys working on animation scripts and watching cartoons. At other times, he loves day-dreaming about magical realms and fantastic adventures. In fact, his most ardent desire is to give wings to his readers imagination, to immerse them in worlds they would otherwise never experience. Prashant lives in Mumbai with his pretty wife, Avantika. But someday, he hopes to build a small wooden cottage, nestled deep inside a mystical forest. And heres a little secret. Prashant has a talking parrot named Raghu (he calls himself that). Prashant Pinge can be reached at:

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0 out of 5 based on 0 customer ratings

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