Apparel and Textile Exports Strategies for WTO Era

by Pradeep Joshi

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The Uruguay round of negotiations resulting in a ten year phase-out of export quotas under the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing presented a great opportunity and also a challenge to Indian textile industry. Though India has emerged as one of the main textile and apparel exporting countries low and stagnant market share in the world trade comparatively lower unit value realization lack of presence in high value segment and aggressive performance of competitors has made i necessary for Indian industry to strategies its act for WTO era. This book reveals the sources of competitive advantage for Indian textile (fabric) and apparel exports. An attempt has been made to understand Indias competitiveness in textile and apparel industry in WTO era with focus on assessment of Competitiveness of fabric sector to fulfill the requirement of apparel industry. This book will provide directions to Indian textile and apparel manufacturers and exporters. Its in depth analysis will help researchers and policy makers and will be of immense value to students of professional programmes and knowledge seekers in the area of global apparel and textile trade.

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Dr.Pradeep Joshi,was the chairperson of FMS department from 2002 to 2004.He has more than 15 years of experience in teaching,industry and consultancy.

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