Baby Touch and Feel – Kittens (Touch and Feel )

by Dorling Kindresley

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Baby Touch and Feel Kittens is a fun DK baby book that helps little ones learn new words. With 12 touchy-feely pictures and word labels, it makes an ideal baby gift. Baby Touch and Feel Kittens contains stunning kitten photos with foil or textured areas that expand your baby’s senses, while the simple visuals and labels promote language skills. From a playful kitten that’s trying to catch a mouse to a lovely little kitten with a furry tummy to tickle you can introduce your baby to kittens with touch and feel textures.All this is packed in a handy, small format that’s just perfect for preschoolers to hold and helps develop their fine motor skills.


Reading Guide:

Parents Read Out to Children: 2-3
Children Read Themselves: 3-4
Parents reading out to children is a healthy ritual, Skryf believes!

DK Children
Genre, Toddler

About The Author

Dorling Kindersley is an acclaimed British multinational publishing company renowned for their illustrated books for children as well as adults. The publishing company has produced books in over 30 different languages.

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