Being Hindu

by Hindol Sengupta

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Away from the Passionate discussions around religions sometimes even misguided, the book ‘Being Hindu: Old Faith, New World and You’ is the journey of a common Hindu. An effort to know, why for so many Hindus, their faith is one of the main arguments for plurality, for unity in diversity and even more than the universal power of God, for the beautiful courage and belief of man. Being Hindu is the study of Hinduism in a way you have never seen before, almost through one’s own eyes.This book is about how a person starts finding the route of his cultures, his customs and tries to learn about that. It is a very intelligent display of how the oldest faith on this planet can be very easily merged with recent qualities as compared to any other Semitic faiths, because the very basis of our faith is questioning ourselves and changing along with times. The book is all about the oldest form of faith that has 1 billion followers, 33 million gods and goddesses and beliefs and rituals that have been passed on for many years through the paths of pilgrims and through myth and science.Who is a Hindu? What does he believe or can he be an unbeliever and still be a Hindu? Why is Hinduism so open to everything and yet driven the same goal to adapt and accommodate everything? What does a Hindu seek? While addressing these questions the author talks about the modern Hindus and the societies they are living in.

Penguin India
Genre, Spirituality

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Hindol Sengupta is an Indian journalist and entrepreneur, who is the author of six books. His latest book ‘Being Hindu: Old Faith, New World and You’ was released by Penguin Random House in November 2015.He was born in 1969 in Jamshedpur. He is also the translator of the Mahabharata. He lives in Delhi and currently is an editor with Fortune India. He was one of the youngest television journalists to have a prime time interview show.

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