Call the Ambulance

by Les Pringle


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Exploding pressure cookers, a thwarted wife’s deadly revenge and transvestites in distress – manning an ambulance in the seventies kept you on your toes.Having survived the rites of passage as a probationer, Les Pringle now has to face up to the reality of life as an ambulance man in Thatcher’s Britain. He does this with humour and fortitude – two qualities which are essential if he is to cope with cases ranging from the absurd to the heart rending.From attending murder scenes to delivering babies … it’s quite a life for Les, and one that he and his shift mates tread with warmth and humour in equal measure.

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About The Author

Although born in Easington, County Durham, Les Pringle spent his first eight years in Ratho, South-West of Edinburgh. His father’s subsequent career moved led Les and his family on a whistle-stop tour of England before they eventually settled in Birmingham when Les was in his mid-teens. He joined Birmingham’s Metropolitan Ambulance Service in 1977, for little more reason than that it seemed a good idea at the time. That good idea led to three unbroken decades of round-the-clock emergency work. Les Pringle is the holder of the Queen’s Medal for Long and Exemplary Service

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