Empire Of The Moghal (Traitors In The Shadows)

by Alex Ford

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A dynasty at warA new emperor, Aurangzeb, sits on India’s glittering Peacock Throne – the throne he seized from his father while the old emperor still lived. He has paid for it with blood: during the brutal civil war he hunted down and killed his brothers. Now he must return the Moghul Empire to the true path and achieve new glory. But the exercise of great power is isolating. With enemies everywhere, who should he trust? Certainly not his sons. He must rely on himself and the knowledge that there are more ways to subdue a man than on the battlefield.But as the years pass memories haunt him – memories of a father who never loved him and a mother who lies in the Taj Mahal; of murdered brothers and of sons and daughters locked in sunless prisons. He tells himself that everything he has done has been necessary – moral, even. But how will his God judge him?

Headline Review (19 November 2015)
Genre, Indian Writing

About The Author

Alex Rutherford is the pen name of two writers, Diana Preston and her husband Michael Preston. “Rutherford” is known for the six-book historical fiction series Empire of the Moghul.The Prestons studied at University of Oxford reading History and English respectively. Both are keen travellers and have visited more than 140 countries so far.Their greatest love is India. Their research into the building of the Taj Mahal led them to explore the early history of the dynasty which built the Taj – Mughal Empire. They have read all the chronicles of the mughal period in order to understand the history of the founders of the Mughal dynasty for their fiction work Empire of the Moghul. Over the years they have also retraced the steps of the Mughals from the Ferghana Valley in Kyrgyzstan – home to the first Moghul emperor, the boy-king Babur – to Iran and to the blue domes and minarets of Samarkand in Uzbekistan, across the red deserts to the Oxus River, over the Hindu Kush to Kabul and Afghanistan and down through the Khyber Pass to the plains of northern India.Empire of the Moghul series consists of six books which is about the reign of the epic rise and fall of one of the world’s most powerful, opulent and glamorous dynasties – Mughal Empire across two hundred turbulent years.They have done only serious non-fiction till Empire of the Moghul series and it was their first attempt at historical fiction. They decided to create a new persona to make a distinction between their earlier writing and this new series. The Rutherford came from the Nobel Laureate Ernest Rutherford, and Alex was chosen as a name that could be male or female.

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