Freedom: My Story

by Arunaraje Patil

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Growing up in a newly free India, film-maker Arunaraje Patil came to be deeply invested in the idea of freedom – for herself, those around her and for the society she was growing up in. To be truly independent, though, there was a lot of unlearning and disengaging she had to do: from conversations of the past, from who she knew herself to be and from the image that she had trapped herself in. It was with her fourth film Rihaee (1988) that Patil rediscovered herself and her own creative expression.Freedom: My Story is the chronicle of a radical thinker and film-maker in a male-dominated world, her struggles, her inspirations, the prejudices she had to deal with and, ultimately, the freedom her art offered.

Genre, Biography

About The Author

Arunaraje Patil is a writer, editor, critically acclaimed award-winning film-maker and producer. Her feature films include Shaque, Gehrayee, Situm, Rihaee, Bhairavi, Keh Do Na and Tum. Many of her films have strong women-centric themes.

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