Gajapati Kulapati Gurrburrrrooom! (Picture Book)

by Ashok Rajagopalan

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With repetitive sounds and words that rhythmically roll right through the pages, this story puts the zing back into storytelling and reading aloud. Bright, zesty pictures and dynamic visual text echo the lilt, making it one big book of fun.


Reading Guide:

Parents Read Out to Children: 3-4
Children Read Themselves: 4-5
Parents reading out to children is a healthy ritual, Skryf believes!

Tulika Publishers
Genre, Toddler

About The Author

Ashok Rajagopalan (also known under the blogging pseudonym Kenny Wordsmith) is an Indian writer and artist for over 500 children's booksRajagopalan has also worked as a graphic designer, freelance cartoonist, and has contributed to the children's magazines Impulse Hoot and Impulse Toot.Before working in illustration Rajagopalan received a mechanical engineering diploma and worked as a marketing executive, but found that he disliked the experience.In 2011 he participated in a Kickstarter campaign to fund a comic he was co-creating with the artist Asvin Srivatsangam entitled Neelakshi:The Quest for Amrit. He first began illustrating children's stories with a piece in the 1989 magazine Junior Quest.

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0 out of 5 based on 0 customer ratings

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