I’m an Average Looking Boy …will you be my girlfriend?

by Roopesh Kumar

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Once upon a time, there was an intelligent boy called Vidoy. And there was a beautiful girl called Dibisha. They met under the Virgin tree, Hindu college. She found him not her cup of tea. He was not in a condition to think anything but run away. Very soon, they became close friends. He fell in love with her. But he did never say. She never even thought about him in that way. For her, he was just an average looking boy. She can go for lingerie shopping with him. She doesn’t feel odd. He can hold her hand while crossing the road. But they are just friends. Read the book to find out what happens next. Will he ever tell what he feels for her? If he does, will she ever accept him. And also know about the interesting myths about Virgin tree

Genre, Romance, Indian Writing

About The Author

Roopesh Kumar is a young Indian student and this is his first novel.He was born on 15th August in New Delhi and completed is degree from university of Delhi.

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