Narendra Modi No Namo Mantra

by Kumar Pankaj


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Namo mantra is the secret of Modi’s success. Narendra Modi is that popular name who doesn’t bend according to the situations but changes the situation according to him. Who knows how to reach the goal even by walking on curved and twisted paths. His experiences are his mantra which every politician wants to use to gain the popularity that Narendra Modi has. Whether it is the matter of state-administration or industrial growth, of self employment or education— the all-round development of Gujarat speaks Narendra Modi’s glory for itself. In his interview on TV Today Conclave, one thing that came in light was that — ‘I (Narendra Modi) just do my work, whatever you think of me is your own opinion.’

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About The Author

Kumar is 1979 Feb born, unchained from a government job and blithe as an author. For writing freely, he is detached from his one-decade-long career. Presently, he is engraving the hereafter journey of Elga-Gorus.

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