Panchatantra – 1

by Ratilal Nayak

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This book contains short stories like:
1)The Monkey’s Heart.
2) The wise rabbit.
3) The Heron and the crab.
4) The Crow Couple and The Cobra.
5) The Singing Ass.
6) The Talkative Tortoise.
7) The Lion, The Fox and The Ass.
And Many More.


Reading Guide:
Children Read Themselves: 7-12

Reading is a healthy ritual for children, Skryf believes!

Genre, Children

About The Author

Ratilal Nayak has written:
Kid – different book series, sisubalavartavali, kallolabalavartavali.
Story – haiyanam donations.
Editing – jodanipravesa, a small crowbar, vasantavilasa.

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