Science Experiments You Can Eat

by Vicki Cobb

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Kids take the reins in the kitchen with this hands-on book of edible science experiments! with revised and updated information that reflects the ever-changing world of processing and preserving foods, this cookbook demonstrates the scientific principles that underpin the chemical reactions we witness every day¬óby making food. And once readers have tested their theories and completed their experiments, they get to feast on the results! From salad dressing to mayonnaise, celery to popcorn and muffins to meringues, this book uses food to make science accessible to a range of tastes! Also included is essential information on eating healthfully, plus additional resources for further exploration.


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Children Read Themselves: 7-12

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Genre, Children, Young Adult

About The Author

Vicki Cobb is the author of many award-winning science books for young people. With degrees from Barnard College and Columbia Teachers College, Vicki enjoyed an early career as a science teacher. She now devotes all her time to writing and speaking to teachers, children and librarians all over the country. She frequently writes for the Huffington Post and is also the founder and president of ink Think Tank, an organization dedicated to getting high-quality nonfiction books into classrooms.

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