Suffering Scientists

by Scholastic India

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From amazing Aristotle, to dithering Darwin, to incredible Isaac,and courageous Curie – they’re all in Suffering Scientists! The Horrible Science guide to the most influential scientists in history. Readers will discover brilliant breakthroughs, explosive experiments – and some feeble failures. They will find out what made Albert Einstein forget where he lived, which female scientist was chopped up into tiny pieces and why Galileo did a torturous strtch on the rack. With fantastic fact files, curious quizzes and Tony De Saulles’ crazy cartoon illustrations – science has never been so horrible!


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Children Read Themselves: 9-12

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Genre, Children, Young Adult

About The Author

Nick Arnold is the author of the award winning series, Horrible Science and Wild Lives. Arnold’s first published works appeared as a result of a project he was working on at the University of North London, when he was trying to teach young children. A positive review was written about him and he started to write the “Horrible Science” books. His books are illustrated by Tony De Saulles.

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