Suraj Uge Na Uge

by Priyakant Parikh

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સુરજ ઊગે ન ઊગે . આ નવલકથા સિંગાપુરના ”ચાંગી એરપોર્ટ ”થી આરંભાઈ અને ,મુંબઈના ”છત્રપતિ શિવાજી આંતરરાષ્ટ્રીય ”હવાઈ મથક ”પર સ્માપ્ત થાય છે .એમાં ભિન્ન ભિન્ન વૃતિ ધરાવતા પાત્રોમાં ધારાવાહી સ્વરૂપે પ્રગટ થઈ હતી . ”સુરજ ઊગે ન ઊગે ”છતાં એનું અસ્તિત્વ અકબંધ છે .

Genre, Gujarati

About The Author

Parikh, who had started writing from the age of 16, had authored 100 books. His 100th book of fiction ‘Hastakshep’ was recently launched by Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, who had visited Parikh’s residence on Ashram Road in Ahmedabad to release the noted litterateur’s book.

Parikh was ailing ever since a life threatening accident. He was hit by a car which had restricted his movement. Few months ago, Parikh had shifted to Vadodara to stay with his son. He was hospitalized at Warasiya-based Premdas Jalaram Hospital after he complained of cough.

The author, who had also served as professor at Navgujarat College in Ahmedabad, was a native of Rajpipla. The final rites were performed in presence of family members and dignitaries from the world of literature in the evening.

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