The Best Of Moral Tales

by Aarna Books

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This book contains:
1.The clever fox exposed the theif.
2.The worthy friend.
3. A stork and a cunning fox.
4. Theslow tortoise won the race.
5. A prankster got his dues.
6. A tale of love and time.
7. A woman greed made her lose her riches.
8. The mouse who sought comfort.
9. The snake who bit his saviour.
10. The nefarious wolf mistake to be a sheep.


Reading Guide:
Children Read Themselves: 7-12

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Genre, Children

About The Author

Arora Books:
We introduce ourselves as a young and upcoming publishing house established in the year 2015. We have an experience of distribution of books since many years. We have been into the trade from 1969 onwards and dealing in all kind of books since then. In the year 1989 we started importing of general mass market books from whole of the world and cater to the requirements of our clients all over the country and overseas. We are now getting our footprints into publishing children books in the areas such as Indian Moral stories, Wit & Humor, Mythology, Rulers & Kingdoms, and History etc.
Right from Kindergarten to Primary and then to Secondary education books are on our priority agenda to publish in high quality. You shall soonest find all availabilities in our catalogue as you may buying with fellow publishers. We shall leave no stone unturned to ensure our customers across all over the world shall get the books beyond competition having more and different than they so far bought and expected in their requirements. Our subject materials are most Indian centric about its history, culture, ethics, values, morals and will inculcate the same in its readers. We are open to all new innovative ideas of creative people about new stories, illustrative skills, and conceptual designs in terms of getting associated for developing more into these fields together.
We will appreciate your views and suggestions to help serve you better in requirements. We are interested to foray our publications in overseas markets beyond the Indian demography. Since we are more into Indian contents we really wish to reach out to our beloved Non Resident Indian Diaspora across up to South East Asia, Middle East and beyond. We will welcome all approaches for being Chanel partner to us in this endeavor.
We are open with entrepreneurs having interests in publishing business. Our books are available for World Rights except in languages being published by us. Right from published books from an EOU in India or contents, we will welcome co-editions together. We are soon coming out with almost six Indian regional languages of our children story books section under popular demand. Our fellow trade people are whole heartedly welcomed by us all over India and abroad to promote and sell our books on their podiums.
e shall take this opportunity to address all your concerns of benefits in selling our books. Give us a chance and we will never let you gone. In today’s time electronic media is so much of our lifestyle and we value it. Portals dedicated to selling books are an important pillar of trade and so we acknowledge their vast presence with infrastructure. Looking forward for a wide channelization between us for greater approach and availabilities of our books. Thanks for giving a moment and happy reading.

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