The Little Rainmaker

by Rupal Kewalya

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It’s the year 2027 and it’s been ten years since it last rained . . . anywhere in the world
Ten-year-old Anoushqa has never seen rain and doesn’t believe in the stories that her grampa tells of rainbows, thunder and lightning. Until, one day, her life is turned upside down when her beloved grampa is on his deathbed and his last wish is to see rain! Thus Anoushqa sets out on a journey to make it rain. Will Anoushqa be able to fulfill Grampa’s dream after all? The Little Rainmaker is a story of hope, power and the fierce determination of a little girl in the face of an acute environmental crisis.

Genre, Children

About The Author

Roopal Kewalya is a screenwriter by profession, who shuttles between Mumbai and Delhi. A film direction alumnus from NID Ahmedabad, she also does storytelling performances for children. As a social-change maker she conducts fun workshops for children, adults, corporates and NGOs in gender sensitization, breaking stereotypes and creative thinking. She is also a happy mother to a feisty four-year-old boy. The Little Rainmaker is her first book

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