Three Billy Goats Gruff (Long Story)

by Nick Page

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Reading Guide:

Parents Read Out to Children: 3-4
Children Read Themselves: 4-6
Parents reading out to children is a healthy ritual, Skryf believes!

Make Believe Ideas (1 September 2013)
Genre, Toddler

About The Author

He lives in Oxfordshire, UK, with his wife Claire, their three daughters and a dog called Bill. As well as writing books, he works with a number of campaign groups and NGOs. He is also a popular speaker for churches, church weekends and other events. events, etc. Go here for information on asking Nick to speak.His latest book is The Dark Night of the Shed, a look at men, midlife, spirituality and sheds.A lot of his work focuses on church history – particularly the early church. Recent work includes A Nearly Infallible History of Christianity, Revelation Road, and the Longest Week trilogy (Kingdom of Fools, The Wrong Messiah, The Longest Week).‘Author of the most eye-catching and provocative titles in the Christian book market, Nick Page’s books are always provocative, dangerous and refreshingly well written.’ (Eden) As well as writing many books for adults (or at least those who think they are adult) he has also written many books for children.

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