What to Gift on Mother’s Day?





 Mother’s Day is May 13th, a.k.a. right around the corner. If you’re on the hunt for a gift for a mother figure in your life, here are beautiful options. They make thoughtful gifts and would give your mother a memory of lifetime.


Indoor Plants



Plants uplift mood instantly. You can to decorate your Mom’s most used corner of the house before she wakes up and uplift her mood instantly by doing so with indoor plants. Flowers are an easy option but plants would stay longer. More to it, give the plants name tags and give one of them your name. This would give your Mom a pleasant memory when you are away.


Mother- Daughter/Son Tattoo




If your Mom is into fashion and moves along with the tide, both of you can have tattoo made on Mother’s day. If any of you are reluctant for a permanent tattoo, go for a temporary one. It would be a beautiful gift for a mother.


Spectacles or Glares



You can go ahead and buy a cool pair of spectacles or glares for your Mom this summer. There are photochromatic spectacles and polarized sunglasses available in market that would give your Mom a cooling effect.


A Handcooked Meal



You along with your siblings can plan to cook dinner for Mom. Decide on cooking her favourite dishes. You can also take help from your Dad or Aunt or Grandmother on this. But make sure you don’t create a mess in the kitchen! 🙂 Set up a table in the garden/terrace or balcony with candles and wish her happy mother’s day!


A Good Read


You can gift you Mom joy of reading her favourite titles as well as new ones. Subscribe to a library that delivers books to you doorstep and reserves and returns books online or over the phone. Subscribe now at www.skryf.in


So what would be your gift this year? Whether you gift or not make sure you wish your mother a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!